13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (2023)

As the years go by, skiing gear has gotten more and more innovative. Sitting atop the list is ski helmets, which have undergone lots of changes to include newer comfort and safety technologies like MIPS and more. However, the pinnacle of all tech-related additions to ski helmets is the inclusion of GoPro cameras for recording videos. While stick-on mounts were always popular, today the best ski helmets for GoPro come with in-built mounts! So, all you literally need to do is simply snap your GoPro cam in place – and you’re raring to go!

If you’re a skiing enthusiast keen on shooting your thrilling ride down the slopes, then consider getting these amazing cameras. They come with in-built POV (point-of-view) camera mounts and do away with the hassle of finding the right way to stick an adhesive one. To that end, here are the best ski helmets for GoPro.

How To Choose The Best Ski Helmets For GoPro?

Besides coming with camera mounts, skiing helmets are an indispensable part of your skiing gear. they protect your head and keep you warm, besides a host of other things. Also, just because you’re looking for a ski helmet with a camera mount doesn’t mean that you don’t consider other aspects of ski helmets. So, what are they? Read on.

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Helmet Construction and Safety

Basically, helmet construction types can be broken down into three major categories. These are in-mold which are the most lightweight, ABS which are the most durable, and the in-between hybrid in-mold ones. While ABS helmets are definitely more durable, they’re bulky and weighty. On the other hand, in-mold ones cut weight considerably, but at the cost of durability. So, that’s why many skiers today prefer a cross between them in the form of hybrid helmets.

What’s more, you need to look at the safety aspects of the helmet too, which means you need to look for a technology known as MIPS. Short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, the scientifically-designed additional layer ends up absorbing shocks in case of crashes. So, it takes the stress off the brain and reduces potential damage to it.While MIPS raises the price of the helmet, it’s always a step towards safety.


Why is ventilation so important? If you take an average skiing day on the slopes, a sidecountry hike is more heated, while a lift ride is windy and cold. So, you need adjustable vents that you can keep opening and closing to adjust to different temperatures on the slopes. Static vents, on the other hand, is just a bunch of holes that you have no control over. Thus, adjustable vents are always preferred over static ones.

GoPro Compatibility

Today, there are a plethora of adhesive camera mounts that are very popular since they can be directly attached to pretty much any helmet on the market. However, a majority of Giro’s range, as well as the Grimnir models from Sweet Protection, go a step further. These amazing ski helmets for GoPro come with GoPro-compatible mounts, making it very easy to snap the camera on and take it off. Don’t be surprised if you see majorly Giro helmets on this list; the brand is famous for incorporating GoPro-compatible POV mounts into most of its helmets.

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Warmth and Comfort

There’s no doubt that you need helmets that’ll keep your head warm and comfortable on the slopes. After all, you don’t want to get brain freeze out there, do you? This is where the inner liner and earpads come in and are one of the biggest differences between high-end, mid-range, and budget helmets. Moreover, the better padding balances support and softness and you’ll hardly even notice that you’re wearing a helmet at all. Finally, you can even wear a beanie beneath your helmet if your head runs particularly cold.

Giro Zone


With a price of $200, theGiro Zone MIPSis one of the most value-for-money helmets with an in-built camera mount. The helmet features a sleek, integrated POV camera mount for your GoPro camera. The mounting system is not just super-easy to operate, but also secure and rather stealthy, and isn’t in-your-face. It allows you to instantly deploy your GoPro camera for filming and pop it off and stash it equally easily. If that wasn’t enough, the forward-facing mount is even removable, if ever you wanted to ski sans it.

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There are many things which make the Giro Zone not only an excellent ski helmet overall but also one of the Best Ski Helmets For Beginners. It features snug earpieces that keeps your ears warm, while the quick-fit click customizes the fit. Furthermore, it also features adjustable vents, a handy magnetic chinstrap, and a weight of just 17.9 oz (507 g)! All-in-all, the Zone is a great choice for a GoPro helmet overall and is perfect for both resort and backcountry skiing.


  • Excellent fit and adjustment.
  • Easy to use the POV camera mount.
  • Stylish and warm.


  • Noisy ear flaps.

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Sweet Protection Grimnir


The Sweet Protection Grimnir is one of the best ski helmets for GoPro that you can find. To begin with, it’s the most advanced freeride helmet in the market today. Secondly, it features not one, but two camera mounts – one at the top and one on the side!But, that’s not all. The helmet goes a step further and actually protects you from your cameras! This carbon fiber beast has actually been impact-tested for POV cameras. The resilient carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic shell has in-built and screwed in mounting points which are much easily removable and impact resilient as opposed to the press-on pad ones. So, your GoPro won’t hurt you in case of a fall.

At $450, you don’t expect anything less from a helmet. In addition, it’s equipped with MIPS technology that protects your head in case of crashes. Its Occigrip system makes adjusting the fit a breeze, while the inner liner is plush and comfy. Equally comfortable ear flaps, goggle compatibility, a good venting system, and a smooth and round profile/design round up the winning points of what is one of the most expensive helmets ever.


  • Two removable camera mounts.
  • Occigrip system is easy to adjust and fit.
  • Sleek design.


  • None, really.

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MOON Ski Helmet


The Moon Ski Helmet is another excellent option that comes with a mount for a camera. Albeit a basic one, the removable mount comes with a wide base and buckle clip and a pin for securing it. It sits on top of the helmet and offers an excellent vantage point for shooting your descent down the mountain. Plus, it’s compatible with a GoPro camera too!

Besides the mount, the helmet boasts nice ventilation as well as removable padding that is machine washable. Moreover, the removable ear covers keep your ears warm as you whiz down the mountain. Going further, the helmet ensures a secure fit thanks to the velcro-covered chinstrap. The goggle clip at the rear allows you to safely fasten the goggles onto your helmet and not worry about it moving. Finally, the Moon is perfect if your head is oval in shape, and weighs all of 12.3 oz (349 g)!


  • Available in four colors.
  • Mount for sport camera.
  • Comfortable and very lightweight.


  • Practically none.

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Giro Edit


The Giro Edit is the best ski helmet for GoPro cameras and comes with one sleek integrated POV mount. Placed smack dab in the middle right in the front, the mount is so far forward that it offers a fantastic perspective from your point of view. Moreover, the mount bracket is very easy to use and can be attached and detached super quickly. Finally, you won’t even have to deal with the camera’s weight, thanks to the Edit’s fit system.

Coming to the fit, the helmet’s Roc Loc fit takes care of its backward and forward tilt. So, wearing the Edit with the camera and even the biggest goggles is comfortable. The padded chin strap furthers the fit and comfort both, while the beanie liner allows you to wear it all day long sans any discomfort. The other highlight of the helmet is the nifty Trip Clip, which doubles as the goggle retainer. It straps the helmet to your pack, so it won’t occupy space within it.Adjustable vents, an in-mold ABS shell, and a weight of just 13 oz (368 g) rounds up this amazing helmet.


  • Trip clip.
  • Lightweight.
  • Incorporated GoPro camera mount.


  • If you aren’t using GoPro, then price is a bit high.

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Giro Strata MIPS


A great women’s ski helmet with a camera mount is the Giro Strata MIPS Helmet. The integrated camera mount on this lightweight, luxurious helmet is very easy to snap on and pop off. Moreover, it’s secure and absolutely stealthy and blends beautifully into the helmet’s design. Since it’s easy to operate, you can quickly deploy it when you want to use it and pop it off, and stash it when not in use. And since it sits right in the front, it offers an excellent perspective from your point of view.

There’s a lot to love about the Strata helmet, starting with its secure MIPS layer that absorbs energy on impact. The hybrid construction is both durable and lightweight, while the Form-Fit system secures the helmet comfortably on your head. Moreover, the stacked vents keep the airflow up and your goggles fog-free. Rounding up the offerings is the Fidlock magnetic strap buckle that can be operated using one hand.


  • Tough and stylish.
  • Easy to use integrated camera mount.
  • Lightweight.


  • None!

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13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (9)13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (10)

Giro Stellar MIPS


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One of the best Giro ski helmets for GoPro is the Giro Stellar MIPS Helmet, which is also perfect if you’re a music lover since it’s audio-compatible. The integrated POV camera mount is one of the best we’ve seen and has a magnetic buckle system. So, whether you’re wearing gloves or operating it with a single hand, the mount is super-easy to use. What’s more, the mount design is beautifully integrated into the top of the helmet and is as secure as they come.

The sleek and comfortable women-specific helmet has a lot going for it, besides its MIPS tag. It’s unique and integrated Conform Fit Technology ensures that the entire two-piece shell tightens for a very snug and comfortable fit.Six vents, of which four are adjustable, not only keep up airflow but are very easy to use even with gloved hands. Moreover, both the earpad and the inner lining is removable and breathable, while the chinstrap adjustment furthers the fit. Finally, the goggle strap is easy to use with gloves and can fit in a whole range of goggles sans a gap.


  • Great fit.
  • Sleek look.
  • The integrated GoPro mount has a magnetic buckle system.


  • Some might find it slightly heavy.

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Giro Flare Womens Helmet


The Giro Flare is by far the safest, warmest, and lightest women’s ski helmet on this list. The best part? It features a stealthy and sleek integrated GoPro-compatible camera mount. Not only is it front-mounted for a fantastic perspective, but also it can be easily attached and detached for quick deployment and stashing away your GoPro camera. So, you can capture your deepest turns, most enthralling landings, ad the finest tricks with the help of your GoPro camera on the mount.

The Giro Flare comes in a host of colors, including white, black, and a sea-green that’ll help your skiing mates spot you from even a mile away. It’s incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and durable, and features a plush EPS liner that’s impact-absorbing. With the Roc Loc 5 adjustment system, you can easily dial in the fit with a simple twist with a single hand. Moreover, it even features a vertical tuning system, Super Cool vents for keeping your head cool and even strap baskets for whenever you need them.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Adjustable venting system and can dial in the fit.
  • The integrated camera mount is GoPro compatible.


  • Practically none.

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13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (13)13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (14)

Tontron Winter Sports Helmet with Camera Mount


Another excellent option for a ski helmet for GoPro is the Tontron Winter Sports Helmet with Camera Mount. It features an integrated camera NVG (night-vision goggle) mount plate that’s not just compatible with Hero Session Yi cameras, but even GoPro cameras. So, if you’re looking for a budget option (the helmet costs less than $50!) to mount your GoPro on, then this is it.

The helmet boasts a high-density EPS liner sitting within a high-impact ABS shell, making it as safe and protective as can get. What’s more, the helmet even has two pockets in the earmuffs that are suitable for regular headphones, in case you’re a music aficionado. Despite being a budget option, it does also feature 10 air holes with a protective iron net that keeps your head warm on cold days and cool when the sun beats down. The adjustable dial at the back ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Finally, the helmet even comes in a range of sizes.

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  • Very comfortable and durable.
  • Vents to keep the airflow up.
  • The integrated camera mount is compatible with GoPro cameras.
  • Very light on the wallet.


  • None, really.

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13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (15)13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (16)

Sweet Protection Grimnir II


If you’re looking for a helmet other than the Giro range, then the Sweet Protection Grimnir II is your best bet. Capture your most thrilling skiing moves down the mountain on your GoPro, which you can attach to this helmet! But, that’s not all. It has not one, but two camera mounts – one at the top and one at the side for a different vantage point. So, if you’re a video enthusiast, then you should invest in this helmet which is one of the very few in the market.

If you’re wondering what the hoopla about this is, the Grimnir II costs a whopping $350! However, it’s worth every cent you spend on it, since wearing it is like having a stronger and more robust second skull. The OcciGrip system at the back assures an excellent fit, while the EPS foam and the MIPS liner help absorb energy on impacts and shocks. Oh, and do you wonder about what size helmets will fit your large head? Then the Grimnir, one of the Best Ski Helmets For Big Heads, is your answer.


  • Embedded mount for Contour/GoPro cameras.
  • Adjustable vent system.
  • Excellent protection.
  • Stylish and lightweight.


  • Expensive.

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13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (17)13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (18)

Giro Range


Topping the list of best ski helmets for GoPro is the sleek and nifty Giro Range, which has reshaped the world of ski helmets since it’s been launched. The helmet comes standard with the removable but extremely slick GoPro mount. The mount is screwed into securely at the front of the helmet, allowing a fabulous perspective of your ride down the slopes. Moreover, if you don’t want to ski with your camera, then the camera comes off as easily as it takes to mount it.

There’s a lot to like about the Range MIPS, as it’s the first helmet to boast a truly custom and integrated fit by turning a dial. The flexible yet durable two-piece shell design expands and contracts according to the shape of your head. Besides the additional security layer of LIPS, the helmet also has an easy-to-use Fidlock magnetic buckle closure and adjustable venting. Together, they make for a helmet that is comfortable enough to be worn on the slopes all day long.


  • Compatibility with all Giro goggles.
  • Available in as many as 20 colors and shades.
  • Integration with GoPro cameras.
  • Comfortable, warm, and adjustable fit and venting system.


  • None!

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13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (19)13 Best Ski Helmets for GoPro 2022 - WOW Travel (20)



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