5 Best Lift Chairs Reviews of 2021 (2023)

Irene House Lays Flat Electric Check price

Irene House Lays Flat Electric

Extra Padded Lift Chair

An issue that many people encounter with various models of lift chairs is that they tend to not be the most comfortable easy chairs available. This is more unfortunate, as the main purpose of an easy chair is to be as comfortable for the sitter as possible. Many lift chair makers seem to focus more on the lift capabilities of the chair rather than the comfort of it, which is probably the most important aspect of any chair. Thankfully, the makers of the Irene House Lays Flat Electric Lift Recliner Chair haven't glossed over this fact, and have created a lift chair that is both extremely comfortable and with great lift capabilities.

The first thing that people will notice about this particular chair is that it seems to be padded to the max. This certainly isn't any kind of illusion, as the chair really does contain a maximum amount of padding situated in the back, arms, and seat, which greatly adds to the overall comfort that will be felt by anyone who takes a seat. In addition, the leather upholstery feels quite pleasant to the touch, helping to not only keep the chair feeling as comfortable as possible, but also adding an extra degree of durability which should ensure that the chair will last for years to come.

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Silent Reclining

It is certainly important for a lift chair to be comfortable, but the lift capabilities must also be at least up to par if the chair is to truly have any value to customers. As the designers of this chair are quite aware of this, they have made sure that anyone who opts for this model certainly won't be disappointed. The lift mechanism works silently, allowing the user to easily stand up without the operation of the chair bothering anyone. This is a far cry from many other models that have loud motors that seem to shake the windows.

Speaking of the motors, this chair actually includes two that work in tandem, giving the chair extra lifting capabilities while also ensuring the overall durability of the model. This will be welcome news to those who have purchased lift chairs before, only to find that the chair often requires expensive maintenance to keep operational. As far as operating this chair goes, it is quite easy thanks to the attached remote, which gives you easy options for positioning the chair, including laying it down completely flat. All things considered, this extra comfortable lift chair will delight anyone who needs such a chair that is both comfortable and extremely durable.

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Irene House Lays Flat Electric

CANMOV Power Lift Check price

CANMOV Power Lift

Luxurious Appearance

Are you someone who enjoys having a luxurious look to your living room, and you already have other furniture that gives that appearance? If so, then you will definitely love the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair. This chair gives off an air of luxury thanks to its unique appearance. What really helps in this regard is the polyester upholstery that simply looks luxurious as well as comfortable. Although the upholstery is nearly impossible to clean, those who are able to keep it clean will find that the chair will retain its luxurious look for a long time to come.

Of course, a chair isn't all just about appearance, and the same is true for this model. The highly cushioned arm rests with plenty of padding, along with the extra padding used throughout the chair, make it one of the most comfortable chairs that we've experienced. What's more, the foam cushions used for padding are highly resilient and will retain their original shape even after extended use of the chair. This allows them to remain comfortable where other chairs would have their padding worn thin. The upholstery itself is also nice to the touch, and won't cause your bare skin to stick to it like what happens with leather, nor will it get overly hot.

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Easy Setup

One of the more impractical things about many easy chairs is that they tend to require assembly. No one enjoys having to put together their furniture before they can use it, and we're sure that anyone opting for this chair would not be an exception. Thankfully, though, this chair comes mostly pre-assembled, so there is little that needs to be done before you can start enjoying the comforts of the chair. Setting it up will take only 10 minutes max and require very little in the way of hard work. You'll pretty much just orient the chair where you want it, and then plug in the power cord.

But what about the lift capabilities of the chair? This model excels in that department as well. The chair is able to lift a weight of up to 300 pounds, so even larger people can sit comfortably and make use of the lift functionality. Along with that, the chair can also be reclined, and the handy remote control will let you utilize its functions quite easily, as it only has two buttons. The remote can be stored in the side pocket on the right side of the chair whenever you don't need it in your hand, and this side pocket is large enough to comfortably hold other items as well. Considering this exceptional combination of features, we are sure that anyone who wants a lift chair that will fit in with their luxurious living room will find this one to be the ideal choice.

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User Manual

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CANMOV Power Lift

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MAGIC UNION Power Lift Check price


Super Adjustable

Have you been looking at the various lift chairs available, but are concerned about paying way too much for a model that may not deliver exactly what you want? If you’re searching for a model that has the most optimal price/quality ratio, we recommend considering the MAGIC UNION Massage Recliner. This chair with armrests and footrest can be adjusted specifically to your needs and help provide deep relaxation at the end of the day.

For starters, this armchair is very functional. Apart from the average 5 vibration modes, you can select 2 speed settings, letting you find just the right combination that will work best for giving you the best massage. The recline angle can be adjusted to your optimal position as well (maximum 130 degrees). Also, the chair is fitted with a Power Lift function to help you get up.

But what makes this unit stand out is that it has a timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Thus, you can have short breaks during the working day or pamper yourself with a long relaxation session in the evening. To control the unit, you will get 2 remotes. Some users claim that there are no clear instructions for them, but we hope you'll quickly figure out how to adjust this massage armchair on your own.

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Outstanding Design

Moving on to the design, we can say this massage recliner is pretty big yet not too bulky. With a weight of about 100 pounds, the chair is able to handle a weight of up to 300 pounds, ensuring that people of all shapes and sizes can find comfort without worries of overworking the chair. This maximum weight is also impressive considering the total weight of the chair is little more than most standard recliners without lift or massage functionality. This model is upholstered with PU leather and comes in black and dark brown, giving people a choice of the color which will best match their interior. Regardless of which color you choose, though, you can be sure the looks of the chair will pleasantly stand out. It has 2 cup holders near wide armrests and 4 storage pockets for remotes and other small stuff on the sides.

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In a word, the MAGIC UNION Massage Recliner is a perfect combination of a stylish look, an ergonomic design, and decent functionality. The overall design of the chair is sure to impress anyone, even just on appearance alone, although it is certainly not lacking in functionality. With it, you will be able to get a soothing lumbar, thigh, back and leg massage for the maximum relaxation of your body, while also being able to sit in absolute comfort after a hard day's work.

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Mcombo Oversized Electric Check price

Mcombo Oversized Electric

Compact Chair

If you take a look through the vast catalog of easy chairs, whether they have lift functionality or not, or even any other extra functionality included, what you'll notice is that they are typically very large pieces of furniture. This isn't a surprise to anyone, of course, but sometimes this can prove problematic when trying to find the right chair that will fit in a limited space. That is where the Mcombo Oversized Electric Lift Recliner Chair comes in. Despite the "oversized" moniker of this chair, it is best known as probably having among the most compact dimensions of any lift chair out there, making it a great choice for those who want to fit such a chair into a limited amount of space.

Despite the compact size of the chair, it is certainly not lacking in either comfort or functionality. The chair features a well-padded back, seat, and arms, along with the leg rest, providing a completely comfortable sitting experience for people of all sizes. And speaking of which, the chair also features a lift capability of up to 320 pounds, making it one of the more powerful lift chairs out there, and especially making it a great choice for those who are tall or big. In short, there are few people who will find this chair to be less than adequate for their needs.

5 Best Lift Chairs Reviews of 2021 (14)

Loaded With Conveniences

Although the lift capabilities and overall comfort of the chair are certainly worthy of attention, what may catch some people's attention the most are the high number of conveniences that have been designed into this chair. For instance, the chair features two cupholders on each arm which provide the perfect place for holding a bottle or a can of soda, meaning you won't have to worry about finding a place for your drink. On top of that, the chair contains two side pockets with ample room for storing all kinds of material, including magazines, mobile devices, and even the included remote.

Speaking of the remote, controlling the chair is quite easy with it, with all of the functions clearly marked. It should take most users only a minute to get to grips with the remote, allowing them to instantly customize the recline of the chair to meet their preferences. If there is anything to complain about here, it would be that the lift mechanism does work a bit slowly, but for most people who prefer to take their time standing up, this won't be a problem at all. At the end of the day, anyone who wants functionality and comfort from a chair with a compact design will find this model perfectly suited to them.

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Mcombo Oversized Electric

U-MAX Power Lift Recliner Check price

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U-MAX Power Lift Recliner

Fully Featured Recliner

While searching through different lift chairs that are available, most people notice at first glance that most of them all look similar to each other. They all retain the standard look and shape of a typical recliner. It can take much closer inspection to reveal the differences between the different models. Some lift chairs are quite simple, without many features outside of its lift capabilities, while others have plenty of extra features added in to make the chair the best experience possible.

The U-MAX Massage Chair Power Lift Recliner is one of the more fully featured lift chair recliners on the market. Just like with most other lift chairs, it looks like a very typical recliner at first glance, but it really doesn't take a much closer look to reveal its many different features. Featuring upholstery made of a strong and sturdy PU leather, this chair has a very pleasant look and feel to it, along with plenty of added cushioning to make it an extremely comfortable experience. The power lift mechanism provides a very smooth and steady lift experience, without any jerkiness or sudden jolts, and moves at the perfect speed to help prevent anyone from falling out while the lift function is in use.

5 Best Lift Chairs Reviews of 2021 (18)

A Comfortable Experience

Just the comfort and safety provided by the chair are very good points that make it an attractive purchase, but there are plenty of other features included in this chair. The wall hugging design of the chair helps to save space by allowing for the chair to be placed very close to the wall without impeding the reclining capabilities. The chair itself also features massage rollers in four different areas, for the legs, tight, lumbar, and back, along with 5 different massage modes, including pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal. This allows for a huge selection of massages that focus on the most important areas of the body while you are resting.

Along with the massage features are a few additional extras, including two cup holders along with 4 storage pockets, providing a wealth of convenience for your sitting pleasure. Two different remotes are included that allow you to easily control all of the powered features of the chair, including the reclining, lift, and massage capabilities, along with vibrating and heat functions that add to your experience. With the total comfort experience provided by this chair thanks to its build quality and added features, it will be a welcome addition in any home, including yours.

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5 Best Lift Chairs Reviews of 2021 (20)

U-MAX Power Lift Recliner

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a type of home comfort chair which is similar in almost every way to a recliner but includes a mechanism that allows the chair to raise in the air at an angle, providing an easy way for the user to stand up. Lift chairs came about as a way to resolve many of the complaints about recliners, mainly that they can often be difficult to get out of while sitting in them.

Lift chairs have become quite common in recent years, and many different models are now available. Most lift chairs work by including an electronic motor that can be utilized with controls to raise the chair up. Any kind of lift chair requires controls, and many provide controls either integrated on to the chair itself, or a remote controller. Some lift chairs also include extra features, such as massage rollers in certain areas, cup holders, pouches for storing items in an easily accessible place, and even phone charging ports. However, many are also available without the extra frills, for the sake of keeping the chair affordable.

Although many lift chairs provide storage pockets, often people may want to have some extra storage space as well as a raised flat surface available nearby. If you are looking for something similar, try checking our review on 5 end tables for a luxury atmosphere.

What Features to Compare

For the most part, lift chairs appear to be the same as normal recliners, and many also have the same features as them, including a good amount of cushioning, arm and head rests, and pop-out foot rests. However, with the electronic nature of most lift chairs, some have included extra features that aren't traditionally available on most standard recliners, with the lift capabilities being no exception.

Although lift chairs appear so similar to recliners, most of the differences lie in areas that aren't easily noticed at first. Distinguishing between the different models available may be difficult if you don't know exactly what to look for. Here are some of the things you should take note of about any lift chair that you see before you buy it.


Just like most recliners, lift chairs are often made using similar materials for the upholstery, such as leather and various types of fabric. The frames of the chairs are often made of steel or another metal, usually a lightweight alloy, and include plenty of cushioning. One thing to keep in mind with the types of materials used is the factors such as their durability and easiness to clean.

Maximum Lift Weight

Many different lift chairs have a maximum weight limit that is supported. This is especially true due to the lift mechanism, which sometimes can have a much lower lift weight than the sitting weight that is supported. Many chairs support up to 300 pounds, with some exceeding that, but many have lower supported weights. It is best to check the maximum lift weight for both sitting and lift for any chair that you buy.

Extra Features

The extra features on the various models of lift chairs available can vary wildly. Many lift chairs offer little more than the side pockets that can be found on normal recliners, while others can have a wide array of different features included. If you desire a lift chair with certain extra features, look carefully to make sure that the features included match exactly what you want.

Overall Comfort

All of the above factors are important to check in order to make sure that a specific chair is the right one for you. However, probably the most important factor of all is the overall comfort of the chair. Lift chairs, being fashioned after recliners, are meant for extended periods of rest, such as after a hard day's work, so the overall comfort of the chair is of paramount importance. If you are unsure of how comfortable a chair is, the best thing to do is to simply try it out, making sure that it doesn't have any uncomfortable spots that will become a nuisance after an extended period of sitting.

Did you know?

The Benefits of Lift Chairs

At first glance, lift chairs appear to be little more than a standard recliner that happens to lift up to allow someone to stand up more easily. However, there is really much more to them that most people aren't aware of. For example, lift chairs have become an essential quality of life tool for people who have limited mobility, such as senior citizens or many people with disabilities. In fact, lift chairs are actually classified as Durable Medical Equipment and are covered by Medicare Part B. This means that those who have a disability that makes it difficult for them to use a standard recliner may be able to have Medicare cover the cost of the chair. Of course, this requires a doctor's approval and then approval by Medicare, but it is possible, and thousands of people have been able to have the cost of their lift chairs subsidized.

Along with the use as an essential quality of life tool, lift chairs can have other purposes as well. Here are a few of the benefits of having a lift chair over a standard recliner.

Therapeutic - Many lift chairs that include extra features such as massage rollers and heaters can be therapeutic for those who are ill or have problems with pain in some part of their body. Heaters are especially welcomed by those who have back ailments that are helped by having heat applied to their backs, and the massage elements of some lift chairs can also help in this regard. As many lift chairs also have remotes, they prevent unnecessary bending by being able to operate the chair from any desired position, without having to reach down and twist your body in an uncomfortable way.

Convenience - Lift chairs are definitely more convenient to have than a standard recliner. There are few other ways to be able to comfortably sit down or stand up than by having your chair reach up to you for sitting, or lift you up for standing. Instead of having to fish yourself out of a somewhat reclined position like in a standard recliner, you can automatically sit or stand in an easy and comfortable manner.

Decreases Stress on Body Parts - Along with the therapeutic and convenient aspects of lift chairs comes the fact that they can actually save a lot of wear and tear on a person's body, especially in the knees. Sitting and standing in normal recliners actually puts a lot of stress on a person's knee joints, and such repeated stress over time can have a very negative effect on the tendons and muscles in the leg. As lift chairs can help a person sit down or stand up from an almost fully upright position, this saves a lot of unnatural bending actions that put additional stress on the knees. Anyone who has knee problems or issues with other parts of the legs will find a lift chair to be a godsend.

Many Different Models to Choose From - Not all lift chairs are the same, as many have different features that can be unique to one model, or even found on others. This is a good thing, as this gives people plenty of choice in trying to find the right lift chair. As each person has different needs or wants in a lift chair, having so many different models means there's a better chance of finding the right chair that has the right set of features perfect for the individual.

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Q: What are the main differences between a lift chair and a standard recliner?

A: Outside of the obvious difference being that a lift chair provides a lift capability, lift chairs may also have special features that are often not standard on regular recliners, such as a remote control, heating, massage, and other electrically-powered features.

Q: Are there any lift chairs that work without the need to plug into a power outlet?

A: Due to the electrically powered motors in lift chairs, plugging into a power outlet is a necessity for almost all models of lift chairs. Although manually powered lift chairs may be available, they lack the convenience and features of an electrically powered chair, which would largely defeat the purpose in having one.

Q: Are lift chairs considerably more expensive than a standard recliner?

A: On average, lift chairs do tend to be more expensive than a standard recliner without lift capabilities. However, in recent years, the prices of lift chairs have decreased significantly due to the high sales and the various different models available. Many standard lift chairs are now available for a very affordable price.

Q: Since lift chairs are classified as Durable Medical Equipment under Medicare Part B, do I need to get a doctor's permission in order to purchase one?

A: The classification of lift chairs as Durable Medical Equipment does not mean that a doctor's permission is necessary in order to purchase one. The main benefit of this is that the cost of a lift chair can be covered under Medicare should a doctor deem it necessary for the patient's well being. Any person can purchase a lift chair for full price without a doctor's permission.

Q: How are most lift chairs operated? Are they complicated to operate?

A: Most lift chairs are operated by using controls for the special functions of the chair, including the lift and reclining capabilities as well as any extra features it may have. The controls are usually located on an included remote control, with either may be attached or wireless, and are generally not complicated at all.

Q: Are lift chairs as comfortable as a standard recliner?

A: Lift chairs are just as comfortable as standard recliners, as they often share many of the same features, including the type of upholstery and cushioning. If anything, the added benefits included in a lift chair in many cases may make them even more comfortable than a standard recliner.

Q: Are lift chairs geared specifically towards the elderly and people with disabilities, or are they good for everyone?

A: Lift chairs came about as a way to help improve the quality of life for those who would normally have trouble with using a standard recliner. However, lift chairs are certainly not limited to those in need of them. Even those in perfect health can benefit from the conveniences of using a lift chair.

Q: Are lift chairs heavier and/or larger than standard recliners?

A: Due to the mechanized nature of lift chairs, on average they may be a bit heavier than a standard recliner, although this heavily depends on the specific model. However, lift chairs are generally not any larger than a recliner, and in fact, may take up less space overall due to the wall hugging features of many of them.



What should I look for when buying a power lift chair? ›

Here are five points to consider when selecting your lift chair.
  • Number of Positions. The most important feature to consider. ...
  • Fit Just like any recliner, you want the chair to fit your body size. ...
  • Type of Covering. ...
  • Living Area. ...
  • Advanced Features.
10 May 2017

How much does a perfect lift chair cost? ›

The Perfect Sleep Chair features a lifetime warranty. The cost of the chair will vary depending on which features a person chooses, but they can range from $1,999 to $2,699.

Which company makes the best recliners? ›

Ahead, find our favorite finds for 2022.
  • Best Recliner Overall: Harris Leather Power Recliner.
  • Best Budget Recliner: Latitude Run Faux Leather Massage Chair.
  • Best Leather Recliner: Irving Leather Recliner.
  • Best Swivel Recliner: Ayden Square Arm Upholstered Swivel Recliner.
  • Best Customizable Recliner: Spencer Recliner.
7 Sept 2022

What brand is comparable to lazyboy? ›

La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture are two of the biggest names in the furniture industry. They're both well-known brands and have been in business for many years. La-Z-Boy is known for quality living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture with free design services.

What is the best lift chair on the market? ›

  • Best Overall. Mega Motion Infinite Position Power Easy Comfort Lift Chair. Buy on Amazon. Jump To Review.
  • Best With Massage. U-MAX Massage Recliner Power Lift Chair for Elderly. Buy on Amazon. Jump To Review.
  • Best With Massage And Heat. “THE ULTIMATE LIFT CHAIR” – Catnapper Power Lift. Buy on Amazon. Jump To Review.
16 Jul 2022

Will Medicare pay for chair lifts? ›

If you qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device. You'll pay your Part B annual deductible, the remaining 20% for the device and the cost of the chair itself. The total amount you pay can depend on any other insurance you have, where you get the lift chair and more.

How long do lift recliners last? ›

On average, you can expect a recliner to last about 10 years with regular use. A chair infrequently used may last longer, while one exposed to the homey chaos of kids and pets may not live quite as long.

Are lift chairs worth it? ›

Lift chairs are not only comfortable pieces of furniture, but also have many physical and emotional benefits. They help seniors maintain their independence. They assist with senior mobility. Research supports the claim that lift chairs help seniors sit and stand faster.

How much should you spend on a recliner? ›

Pick and choose which aspects are the most important to you, then come up with a number that seems fair for your ideal recliner. A good price for durable materials and great comfort usually lies between $800 and $2,000.

How much does a lazy boy lift chair cost? ›

The average price of a La-Z-Boy Lift Recliner can range anywhere from $1,099 – $2,999 depending on the fabric, options, and upgrades.

What are the most durable recliners? ›

Best Heavy Duty Recliners For Overweight People
  • Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King.
  • Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior.
  • Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Dual Motor Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair.
  • Homeglance Laurelton 43″ Microfiber Glider Recliner.
  • ANJ Oversized Recliner Chair.
27 May 2022

Is lazyboy made in China? ›

The reality is that La-Z-boy is a global manufacturer with plants around the world, including Europe and of course, North America. We currently do not manufacture any La-Z-Boy furniture in China.

Is flexsteel worth the money? ›

In short, yes - Flexsteel furniture is definitely worth the investment. It lasts a long time, comes in a variety of styles, and is made with high-quality materials. So if you're looking for furniture that will stand the test of time, Flexsteel is a great option.

Who is La-Z-Boy's biggest competitor? ›

la-z-boy.com's top 5 competitors in August 2022 are: ashleyfurniture.com, bassettfurniture.com, ethanallen.com, roomstogo.com, and more.

Which is better Flexsteel or Smith Brothers? ›

Smith Brothers is better quality overall than Flexsteel in almost every way. Smith Brothers' solid maple double dowelled frames are far superior to Flexsteel's glued and stapled plywood frames. Smith Brothers coil spring foundation is equivalent in durability and superior in comfort to Flexsteel's dual flex foundation.

Is Smith Brothers furniture good quality? ›

Smith Brothers furniture is among the highest quality custom furniture in the industry, and that reputation comes with premium pricing. A customer will be paying for top quality, long-lasting, custom furniture when they buy Smith Brothers, and that level of quality runs at a premium.

How much should I pay for a recliner? ›

Pick and choose which aspects are the most important to you, then come up with a number that seems fair for your ideal recliner. A good price for durable materials and great comfort usually lies between $800 and $2,000.

Are Lazy Boys worth it? ›

In our opinion, La-Z-Boy Recliners are worth the money because of their patented features, wide selection of fabrics, and customizable upgrades. Plus, recliners from La-Z-Boy offer peace-of-mind with their limited lifetime warranty and local customer service team.

How long should a recliner last? ›

Because they are generally made with the same types of material and framework as sofas, quality recliners will often last as long as sofas, about seven to fifteen years – about seven if they see daily/nightly use, fifteen if they are used more as a decorative/accent piece, and as high as 20 if they are leather.

Are Stressless chairs worth the money? ›

They are an investment worth making because they offer ergonomic support and maintain their value over time. Plus, these chairs will fit perfectly into any interior design plan! If you want beautiful new pieces for your home or office space, check out our selection of Ekornes Stressless chairs today!


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