8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (2023)

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  • Are you a skier?
  • Are you a snowboarding enthusiast?
  • Then probably you might be looking for the best gopro ski mounts!

Just follow on we’ve got you all covered, this article gives you complete detail on the “Best GoPro mount for skiing and snowboarding“.

If you have got your first GoPro gear and you do love snowboarding or skiing at any point then for sure you would be delighted to take your photos and videos at the moment.

Well! Take it easy, the best GoPro Mounts for Snowboarding and skiing are here for you! Don’t sweat it, take extraordinary professional video shots and pictures of your snowboarding with the help of these best GoPro accessories for snowboarding.

With so many different options out there it’s not always easy to figure out which is the best GoPro ski mount or the best GoPro snowboard mount. Don’t neglect the potential of a decent GoPro mount even though finding the ideal ones that meet your particular needs. In fact, the budget may appear to be somewhat overwhelming, well we can help you out on that case as well.

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Today we’ll be looking at the 8 best GoPro snowboard mount ideas that fit all GoPro cameras available on the market. Through extensive research and testing, we’ve put together a list of different options that will give you different viewing angles flexibly and as well as securely – at the same.

The mount ideas include:

  • snowboarding helmet mounts
  • ski chest mounts
  • mouth mounts
  • head strap
  • pole mounts
  • 3rd person view mounts and others

As you already know almost all of the GoPro cameras are waterproof, so you do not have to sweat for buying extra housing or any other waterproof cases for your GoPro because lens fog is not the problem.

So whether it’s price, performance, its particular use or you’re in the market for a great budget GoPro mount for snowboarding or a high-end GoPro helmet mount for skiing Kunwarlab is here holding an option for you. Without any delay have a look at our top 8 best GoPro snowboard mount ideas list.

What No One Tells You! we’ve got you all covered.

Let’s quick start>>>

Quick Recap For The Best GoPro Mount For Skiing And Snowboading

Our Top 8 Picks For Best GoPro Mount For Snowboarding & Skiing

In this buying guidepost, we have covered the best picks from the official GoPro store for skiing and snowboarding. The post includes how much they cost, why they are so popular and, the pros and cons of each mount to help you make a decision.

The main purpose is to provide you with the product which gives you an awesome experience with an excellent value all togetherly.

Without any delay, let's begin with the top pick from the list of best GoPro ski mounts and GoPro snowboard mount which you can easily buy from the Amazon market!

Note: Please keep in mind that there is not only one mount that is perfect for all situations. Rather, it would be important to capture different angles to make your edit more interesting.

Our Top Pick

8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (1)

Our Ratings

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I’d say GoPro Helmet Front Mount is the most common and popular of all, one big advantage is that you will find all the components you need in the original box. so you don’t have to buy any other accessories.

This is a very nice versatile mounting system that allows free and easy positioning. This is great for forwarding camera viewing as it is basically showing whatever you are looking at. It does extend satisfactorily for a front (reverse) shot from above but is not as effective for that view as would be with a longer arm. Durable, well-made, standard adhesive attachment.

This mount is easy to install and very adjustable made with stainless steel. It extends out in front of the helmet so you can turn the camera back on yourself for self-portrait videos and pictures.

But be careful not to bump it because then you can end up with a whole Lotta video looking at the sky.


  • Gives perfect POV footage
  • Fixed with small adhesive
  • Allows to take self-portrait shots


  • You might feel weigh on your head
  • Bumping too big could tilt the grip position
  • Sensitive to movements

Compared to the Helmet Mount, the Chest Mount gives you a different POV angle with an even more immersive look.

The lower position gives you a much better recording angle. It’s much easier to capture ski, slope, and panorama in the same image than with the Helmet-Mount.

The one advantage of the Chest Mount is that you don’t really feel the weight of the GoPro on your chest which doesn’t disturb you while skiing or on the ski lift.

The mount is attached not fixed, which minimizes the sensitive movements, unlike the helmet mounts. In fact, if the camera falls off your chest you will be notified right away.


  • Flexible and hands free
  • Quick-release buckle with gloves on
  • Allows sensitive movements for shake-free shots


  • Elastic bands could be annoying for female figures
  • Quick switch POV is not possible

The head strap mount, the reason why actually you must use it to get the head knot which does not use those sticky little ones, unlike the suction cup mount for GoPro.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, if you do not apply it well it’ll just fall off. Lossing your GoPro and two feet of powder! that’s not sick?

That’s why the head strap is the better way to go, it will not break off or fall off.

One more positive of this head strap mount is you can put it on any helmet. If you wish, you can go no helmet
with it as well!

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  • Perfect head POV
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick clip for head- mounting varieties
  • Rubber texturing prevents from slipping


  • Untied screw could tilt down the position

Kind of weird, right! Well, the mouthpiece mount is very versatile, most people don’t know about this GoPro mouth mount idea for skiing.

It is actually super budget-friendly and safely fits in your mouth and your pocket as well.

This GoPro bite mount goes right in your mouth, once molded, you barely have to bite the mount to keep it in place it locks in so well.

A big advantage, is they are easy to pull out of your mouth and hand-held the camera. So if you’re doing a vlog style video where you want to point somewhere else really quick that’s where the mouthpiece mount is super handy.

Unlike normal mounts, you can mount it really really fast, You can do almost like a selfie shot of yourself, and if you would like to film or change to a handheld perspective! You can just take it out of your mouth and then you can start filming each wave.


  • Once molded, you barely have to bite the mount for control
  • Multi angle perspective on each wave
  • Patented breathing design


Put in Ski & Snowboard surface

8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (5)

Our Ratings

You might find this suction cup mount from the official GoPro store with some really bad reviews. And yes, that’s the truth. I’m not validating at any point.

There were horror stories people lost their GoPro, the suction cup had failed on and on. That was a long time back when it was first launched!

But now, GoPro is better than ever with quality improvements on its suction cup mount.

No Brainer is the new one, they are the most popular and the most suitable mounting accessories for snowboarding and for skiing with an awesome Viewing angle.

Keep in mind:

  • Install a GoPro suction cup mount high enough on the snowboard
  • Whenever you collapse, make sure your mount is still there with your GoPro


  • Quick release and shift
  • Gives unseen POV
  • Can be used absolutely on every plain surface


  • Fitment must be exact in snowboard to avoid lens boockage
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Best GoPro selfie stick for skiing

8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (6)

Our Ratings

Looking for the best GoPro selfie stick for skiing or snowboarding? This is it.

On a tight budget! This gives a complete pack of accessory for snowboarding that you only need to collect in freezing cold weather.

The GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod mount is versatile in its own way whether you use it as a selfie stick, tripod, or a normal stand. The wide-angle view is incredible, you don’t have to hold it way too far yourself to get those power-packed shots in.

People obviously complain about the stability issue, simply you need to understand is your arm can crack down the movements and vibrations during shooting your experience – just try to get your arm stable and controlled!

This unique G0Pro mount can do apparently all the functions which are useful to get perfect POV shots while snowboarding or skiing.


  • 3 varieties on a single pack
  • Heavy-duty
  • Can be used also as a selfie stick


  • Busy arms
  • Slightly feels heavy when used longer

Best for unique viewing angles

8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (7)

Our Ratings

Unlike other GoPro mounts; this is totally different that gives you an impossible 3rd person perspective doing snowboarding,!

This mount offers you to create your own unique viewing angles so that you can film yourself in action.

And, that means you can mount your GoPro behind your back (or from side or front) to create the impossible 3rd person perspective.

It’s not a normal mount; it can be used for various sports like skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Motorcycle riding, and many more.

The bottom line is you’ll be able to adjust the camera to take self-portrait shots; if that’s your thing.


  • Quality materials, durable construction
  • Versatile mount that needs no one
  • Lightweight, comfortable to wear


  • Higher price
  • Black finish need to be keep away from scratches
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GoPro ski pole mount

8 Best GoPro Mount For Skiing (+Mount Ideas) 2022 Review (8)

Our Ratings

Aiming for that great POV footage, and looking to mount your GoPro on your ski pole?

You can totally avoid gearing up with different varieties of mounts like an extra grip or selfie sticks for skiing. Generally, speaking who wants to do that?

We’re choosing the official GoPro ski pole mount, as the best pole mount for skiers and snowboarders. Because you can mount it to a piece of gear you’re already packing.

It might only be weighing around only 0.03 pounds. And, there’s the ability to make a rapid change in perspective for more dynamic footage & a perfect angle.


  • Slipping free design
  • Fast and easy changes in perspective
  • 360 Degree rotation with 16 secure positions for base


  • Risk of mount slip if screw not tightened properly
  • Stress/vibration could be as issue

Are you on a tied budget? Your search ends here! Unlike others, this is the only kit with a variety of accessories that can single-handedly work universally.

Includes 50 items! all of them of use at some point in time. That means the head mount, the helmet mount, the car mount, the stick mount are all included in a single pack.

Everything you need plus tons of extras! The well-made items with plenty of options for outdoor play and shooting with your GoPro.

If you own more than one GoPro which you want to use, this is the kit you should get. You won’t regret it!

No brainer, this will be testing boundaries if you’re on a tight budget to choose the best GoPro accessories for snowboarding.


  • Excellent deal
  • 50 items in a single accessory kit
  • Comparable to GoPro accessories


  • Cutback in quality
  • You might find few items unusable


There you have it our top 10 best GoPro mounts for skiing and snowboarding. They are most likely the best fit for your needs as well as secure your helm.

Down to earth we really cherished enjoying researching and picking each GoPro ski mount and other GoPro accessories for snowboarding. All of the above-listed GoPro snowboard mount ideas are the most promising items that had surpassed our expectations way far. No-brainer, they are the best mix of stability, good handling, shock absorption, and practicality.

But despite all, before making a purchase make sure to check the features and figures thoroughly which you would love to invest in. Get ready to experience a super exciting videotaping experience. Have fun shopping!

Thanks for reading our quick guide to the best GoPro mounts for skiing and snowboarding.

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